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Super Wifi BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool With Lenovo T430 I5 500G HDD Laptop installed V2019.3 BMW ICOM Software

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    Super BMW ICOM A2 Clone is Best Quality ICOM A2 For BMW With BMW ICOM A2 Wifi Card. Wifi BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool Lenovo T430 I5 500G HDD Laptop installed V2019.3 BMW ICOM Software. BMW ICOM A2 BMW Diagnostic and Programming Tool With external wireless router with wireless network card.


    Super Wifi BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool With Lenovo T430 I5 500G HDD Laptop installed V2019.3 BMW ICOM Software

    Wifi ICOM A2 Best Quality BMW ICOM A2 + B + C With Lenovo T430 4G I5 Laptop installed V2019.3 ISTA BMW Software

    Super BMW ICOM A2 Clone with configuration has external wireless (external wireless router with wireless network card). Compared to the built-in wireless configuration, This One More stable And wireless distance is also far.

    More Details, Pls check:

    BMW ICOM A2 Clone Wifi BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool Support Icom A2 Firmware Update


    V2019.3 BMW ICOM Software 03/2019 ISTA BMW Software Download BMW ICOM Rheingold ISTA-D 4.15 ISTA-P 3.66 With Engineering Mode Installed in HDD Support Win7



    BMW ICOM A2 Firmware Update Version: V1.32

    ICOM-PF-CORE 3.10.42
    ICOM-Boot: 01.20.00
    ICOM-Application: 01.33.00

    For BMW ICOM A2 Scanner with good quality:

    It is latest tool for bmw, and will replace bmw icom. The advantages compared with bmw icom are that:

    1. It is with aluminum shell, better in heat radiation, and shatterproof

    2. It is with OBD interface(a little like benz compact 4 cable)

    3. bmw icom make heat radiation by a little fan, while bmw icom A2 are with heatsink, to keep the whole tool in normal temperature.

    Because of bad heat radiation, bmw icom always crash when programming. Now bmw icom II deal with it.

    4. Its transmission rate is more quicker with better craft.

    ICOM A2+B+C is the second generation of bmw diagnostic interface for ISTA system.

    Interface A2-OBD diagnostic supporting MOST, D-CAN protocols

    interface B- diagnostic via MOST bus, and have connection to A-interface via USB connection.

    interface C-20 PIN cable for old models.

    The modified ICOM A2 for vehicles with OBD access receives a significantly more powerful processor and more storage capacity. Robust aluminium case will help to avoid damage when using in  harsh environments.

    To protech the MOST connector, the ICOM B for vehicles with optional MOST access will be equiped with a soft cover made of rubbe instead of the former plastic cap.

    The ICOM C for old series with a diagnostic s socket will be addtionally equipped with an approx 20 cn long cable, which facilitates the connection of the ICOM A2 and makes storage in the engine compartment easier.


    V2019.03 BMW ICOM Software HDD ISTA-D 4.15.12 ISTA-P Compatible with BMW ICOM, ICOM A2, ICOM A3,ICOM PRO+A3, ICOM NEXT And ICOM P.


    V2019.3 BMW Rheingold ISTA Software Support Multi-languages: American English, British English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, Indian, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese

    03/2019 ISTA BMW Software Download Software Version: V2019.03

    ISTA - D: 4.15.12,with SDP data
    ISTA - P: with Engineer Programming
    can program F/G/I/K chassis for car (through the ICOM, not other cable )
    Vin: V2019.02

    BMW ETK: 2019.02
    BMW KSD: 2019.02 Multilanguage
    BMW FSC Navigation Code Generator
    BMWAiCoder for BMW Coding

    BMW ICOM V2019.03, With free Software:

    1. Get engineer version, INPA 5.00,winkfp 5.2.3,NCS 3.5.1, e-sys 3.32.1,data V66.0
    2. get Chinese software DR.GINI B020
    3. get count code navigation tool software FSC operator code
    4. get one-clik hidden brush tool BMWAi V4.6
    5. Add DIS Software for Old cars, DISV57 and DISV44,diagnostic and ecu programmer

    Dr.gini B020 diagnostic software requires Ediabas properly installed and functional with a communication interface ( ICOM, ICOM Next, ENET, PASSTHRU or K+DCAN ), the BMW manufactured before 2003 are not supported.

    ISTA-D new version support instructions:

    Support for the new F, G and I series models, as well as Rolls Royce, MINI, BMW Motorcycle.
    The new version provides Multi-VCI, which supports D-CAN line, ENET line, ICOM, OPS/GT1 direct connection diagnostics.
    Can view maintenance materials, circuit diagrams, etc.

    New E-Sys feature:

    Convert FA to OrderXML file
    CR2859 - Encoding 2.0 in E-Sys CR2945 - CVN mapping file in PX container for storing E-Sys functions of CAF
    CR2969 - E-Sys - New CAF data model for CAFE-E plug-in coding factory
    CR2977 - (E-Sys) FP Certificate Management
    CR3008 - New Module TA1 Filter Editor
    KA1223 - Use log level mode from properties files in batch
    KA1224 - "Restore Defaults" for TAL Processing Parameters
    KA2521 - E-Sys: For TAL execution, save the file name and path of the executed TAL log
    KA2768 - Expanding TACategory fscBackup from E-Sys KA2807 - Multiple selections and deletions of elements in PDX containers
    KA2809 - Multiple vehicle order selection during code verification
    KA2825 - Enhanced configuration options for ECUVariantPatterns at E-Sys
    KA3009 - Extend the namespace of the PDX container for RSX KA3035 - Rename "Bit6" to "CertEnabled"
    K?0941 - Read the output event type of SVTsollK?1002 - TAL processing in VCM in TAL calculation and coding module
    K?1071 - Allow multiple selections in event type selection
    K?1229 - Service call GetSoftwareID function should be able to do without specifying a diagnostic address
    Note that ISTA-P does not support the latest G-system programming, as there is no G-system yet.

    Lenove T430 laptop Configuation:

    Model: Lenovo
    CPU: Intel Core I5-3320M
    Memory: 4G


    BMW Icom Next with Lenovo T430 Laptop Package list:

    1pc x BMW ICOM A2 Interface
    1pc x BMW ICOM B Most
    1pc x BMW 20pin Cable
    1pc x USB Cable
    1pc x OBD2 Cable
    1pc x LAN Cable
    1pc x LAN Cable
    1pc x for Lenovo T430 Laptop (Refurbished) with ISTA BMW Software well installed 03/2019






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